Secrets of success

By: Amrita Gandhi

The family jeweller to the Nizam of Hyderabad was busy giving me a crash course on how to string together a Hyderbadi jewel trousseau. After I learnt to tell my satladas (seven strands of pearls with a succession of pendants) from my lachchas (a row of uncut diamonds with hanging emerald drops), I finally point to his own rather bedecked hands, each finger studded with a whopper gem ring.

I can’t help but ask the question about people and their superstitious rings, “does the ring beget success or does success get you the money to buy the ring”. “After you become successful then you wear the ring”, said he. “It can work the other way also”. Diplomatic answer!

Not satisfied with that, I demand some secret spells on what gem does what for you. Emeralds, he says, are for everything good. Rubies for success in government work. Yellow sapphires for business; and you can take his word for it, for he wore them a’ plenty.

Sapphires, if they are good for you, are very very good, and if they are bad, they are horrid! Bejewelled with secrets, I felt i didn’t need to buy a thing…

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