Project Living

Royal Reservation is back with a trunkful of royal inspiration to transform the way you live. Inspired by royalty, and created by our design partner Architectural Digest, we create contemporary spaces inspired by the kings and queens of style.

Trade your queen sized bed for a custom made boudoir that will bring out the princess in you, order yards of ‘ikkat’ that you splash all over your walls, turn around a dusty flea market find into a showcase fit for vintage bone china, learn to cook a mock meat dish that will impress the Nawabs and assume just the right body language as you sit for a portrait taken in your own home. All that and more on the new season of Royal Reservation – Project Living.

Seema Chandra

Episode 1:
Pearls of wisdom on how to throw a party like a Nizam: Meet Princess Esra Jah of Hyderabad on one of here rare appearances on television, to hear the finer points of how to host a sit down banquet for 100 guests. We spotlight the Dining Room in Falaknuma Palace that seats 101, and before tasting a historic menu, we first test the famous acoustics where even a whisper at the tail of the table could be heard by the Nizam. Inspired by the Nizam’s table to throw a party, but don’t have the space for a100 guests.? Try 10! Our design partners at Architectural Digest will show you just how to set a table that will dazzle your poshest friends. We then snatch a few housekeeping secrets on how to keep your crystal marble and old books in mint condition before heading out for a shopping spree to the store of the Nizam’s jewellers. Here we gawk at a few few priceless pieces and pick up a few trade secrets or superstitions, on how the right gem can make the planets realign for you. Watch Episode 1 | See Pics | Read: Royal Secrets

Seema Chandra

Episode 2:
We spill the hostess secrets from the princess with the mostess of entertaining. The Rampur Shehzadis famous open house offers us trolleys of tips on how to host an effortless soirée, day after day. And if you have always wanted to feel like a Nawabzadi, we show you just how to sit for a portrait that will adorn the walls for generations to come. Watch Episode 2 | See Pics | Read: Royal Secrets
Seema Chandra

Episode 3:
Gentlemen this episode is for you.Our favourite Nawab Saif Ali Khan reveals his style secrets. Raghavandra Rathore who designed Saifs wedding wear tells you how you too can acheive that look. We bring you fitness secrets from the captain of indias polo team. Sameer Suhaag bares all on how to get the perfect core. Next its Moustache ettiquette from the Maharajas of moochhaland and last but not least a step by step guide to a maharaja inspired Den for the modern man of today. Inspired by the maharajas and created by our style partners Architectural Digest. Watch Episode 3 | See Pics | Read: Royal Secrets
Seema Chandra

Episode 4:
Want to make a small living room big on impact? Would you like some bold new decor ideas that will transform a store bought couch into a bespoke item? Step into the rich and colourful world of Adil Ahmed, interior designer to princely families, and director of Charbagh, Good Earth. Learn a tip or two on how to use fabric and pattern throughout your homes, how to layer your couch with personal textiles and drape your walls with ikkat fabric. We chat with Sharmila Tagore on how to bring a touch of palace living into your home; and ask Anita Lal, the founder of Good Earth, for her decor ideas that have made her brand a household name. Watch Episode 4 | Read: Royal Secrets
Seema Chandra

Episode 5:
We visit the chic city home of Princess Rajyashree of Bikaner, who tells us how to bring a piece of palace life into flats with three easy to do decor secrets. With our design partners Architectural Digest, we create step by step, a bedroom fit for your inner Rajkumari. Watch Episode 5 | Read: Royal Secrets
Seema Chandra

Episode 6:
A tightly shut recipe for a pickle from the ravines of bundelkhand, a home made paan gulkand so you can see off your guests in style, a mini course in miniature appreciation from a princess from Kishangarh, and a royal gaddi inspired sofa for the emperor and empress of your flat.Watch Episode 6
Seema Chandra

Episode 7:
Delicious designer jewels from Hanut Singh of Kapurthala, and how to bring a summer palace into your living rooms. Want more inspiration? The cup overflows on Royal Reservation- Project Living. Watch Episode 7
Seema Chandra

Episode 8:
Get yourself familiarized to an artist, revivalist, poet, fashion-designer, sufi-scholar, and film maker Muzaffar Ali, the Raja of the princely province of Awadh, Kotwara. Also follow Meera Ali to store Kotwara, the brand dedicated to refining and perfecting traditional karigari of Lucknow. Watch Episode 8
Seema Chandra

Episode 9:
On Royal Reservation Project Living we show how to make the entrance of your home big on impact. With royal flower decorations, fabrics and a big wooden chest for a foyer styled by architectural digest.
Watch Episode 9
Seema Chandra

Episode 10:
Tea time at the palace comes to you. From the recipe of the Hyderabad Nizam’s favorurite cookie to an Awadhi kebab and finally a table setting for your favourite friends.
Watch Episode 10
Seema Chandra

Episode 11:
Party planning with the Shehzadi of Rampur, dressing like Saif, home decor ala Sharmila, a shower of royal flowers at your doorstep, a pan with a secret gulukand recipe, Royal ideas galore on the Best Of Royal Reservation Project Living. Watch Episode 11
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