My Kind of Man

By: Amrita Gandhi

It all started with the moustache, hunting the right Rajput with just the right mo. I found Hemendra Singh. The Maharaja of Bhaisrodgarh. His kingdom may not be famous but his moustache certainly is. Hailing from a long lineage of handle barred men, Hemendra’s tusks make his wife blush even today.

His tips on moustache etiquette are simple. Never twirl in front of elders. Keep both sides even, and if you want them to shine use what his forefather used: coconut oil.

Next, I sauntered off to meet the man who is India’s polo captain. Samir Suhaag looks the part: handsome, slender, with salt and pepper hair. I didn’t complain when I was asked to interrupt him has he worked on his agility.

Samir gave us some insider tips, which are the secret to his sportsman abs. What do you do you if you can’t get a horse into your gym? Use the Swiss ball he says and goes on to show us his routine.

My next mission is for those men whose wardrobe could use some help. Raghavendra Rathore: dashing, handsome and always smelling good. Raghu tell us in a nutshell what to add and what to subtract to get a look of a prince without the pomp. The secret lies in the bandhgala waistcoat, the pocket square, the jodhpurs and just the right khadi kurta.

The crowning glory of this episode is our favourite Nawab, who spills the beans on his own personal wardrobe favourite, all while eating several pieces of rum chocolate.

My kind of man…