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About The Anchor
Funny, warm and in love with a great story – Amrita will talk to anyone who has a good anecdote. From stage acting to travelling for a living, it’s people who always make her day.

Be it an instant crash course in Carnatic ragas from a musically inclined Chettiyar, or a cameo in an eccentric small time wedding band on the streets of Jodhpur, she hunts for heart and soul even in the most touch-me-not royal destinations.

After being a house guest and momentary best friend to royals in India’s far flung palaces, she is on a mission to have them part with their prized lifestyle secrets that will make kings and queens of all of us.

Catch up with her on NDTV Good Time’s exciting new show- Royal Reservation: Project Living.

Read Her Blogs:

My Kind Of Man : The crowning glory of this episode is our favourite Nawab, who spills the beans on his own personal wardrobe favourite, all while eating several pieces of rum chocolate.

A lunch date to remember: If there ever was a family, which lived large, it is that of the Princess of Rampur, Shehzadi Nakht Abedi whose house I visited in my neighborhood Nizamuddin East in Delhi.

Secret of success: After I learnt to tell my satladas (seven strands of pearls with a succession of pendants) from my lachchas (a row of uncut diamonds with hanging emerald drops), I finally point to his own rather bedecked hands, each finger studded with a whopper gem ring.


  1. shital /

    Once in a Lifetime opportunity to see Nizam’s palace & his collections. Quite a Royal Opulence.

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