A lunch date to remember

By: Amrita Gandhi

If there ever was a family, which lived large, it is that of the Princess of Rampur, Shehzadi Nakht Abedi whose house I visited in my neighborhood Nizamuddin East in Delhi. A home where she has raised her three gorgeous daughters, feels to the first time visitor an open house, where trollies of delicious bites are wheeled in even for the most last minute visitors, where there is always someone dropped in and having a chat, where there is always some chatter about a forthcoming gathering.

It was at one of the Shehzadi’s much looked forward to lunches that I enjoyed the double privilege of being both a helping hand and a pampered guest. In other words I get to both lick the ladle and sit at the table. Could I ask for more?

This is my chance to follow around one of Delhi’s most big hearted hostesses to learn a thing or two as she throws one of her celebrated luncheons.

Want to know what was for lunch ?

Rampur is know for its meat preparations, but for her vegetarian friends Nakht innovated a mock fish recipe made with eggs. Here’s the recipe for a dish that only guests at the Abedi house get to eat: ‘Machchli ‘ Anda

In a flat dish simmer vegetable oil.
On a high heat add methi (fenugreek) seeds till they pop and then add puréed onions.
Next goes in your ginger garlic paste. Give it a stir.
Add dahi
Now haldi (turmeric), chili powder, dhania (coriander) powder and salt to taste
This is the basis on a fish preparation:
Now, instead of fish, add eggs
Break each one separately in a bowl and gently pour in the shape of a necklace
Now watch and wait while the eggs cook in the masala
Voila! there you have it…machchli and anda

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